Sewing: things you need this week

I went to Marshalls yesterday (the sales ended last night; it was still open when I got in at 4.45) and there were $2-10 pegs of, guess what? OSUN LAIRPASTS on just about everything from bags to garbage bags to jugs and caddy bags. Locker space was so full of a mix of neutral prints that it reminded me of an upscale version of TJ Maxx. (To my surprise, Marshalls had a few more limited styles, like A4 shapes and graphic prints, which got my attention.)

Among my favorites: an A4 printed bag that was black and beige and had “ASHREE RED” stitched across the front. There was one for bathing suits and one for skirts. Trenar Paper Needles were also there, as were some cute things for babies like tiny little bags for Stashy shoes, tote bags and tote baskets. And, I have to say, a lovely purple lamp that looked like something out of an Impressionist painting, but was made of inexpensive, horrible crap. Yikes.

I also spotted a great monogrammed T-shirt, which is popping up everywhere (eBay, Wishlists, etc.) with the same monogram and sold out of in about 15 minutes.

The best thing at Marshalls were the sneakers they were selling for $4. It is the natural next step after Keds that I think would make great stocking stuffers. They had some starburst and Mickey Mouse; Mickey featured prominently on a pair of people shorts, but you know who else totally makes my heart melt? Pikachu.

And here’s an item that I love that isn’t Marshalls (and probably won’t ever be Marshalls) I spotted on The Devil’s Job, a blog, featured in the media section of iVillage. It’s a vintage NY Billiard ball, a piece made by a New York gift merchant at the turn of the century. Maybe I’m just crazy, but its shape reminds me of a 1950s Cheyenne bat and made me want to run into a room and play a game. The mini model is $100, the .75-inch model is only $35, and it comes in a nice box, which I like.

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