‘There Will Be a Tsunami’ If China Continues to Build in South China Sea, Abe Says

Japan’s former prime minister and top diplomat pleaded for China to stop incursion of its airspace.

“We have to stop the negative steps in South China Sea,” former Prime Minister Shintaro Abe said, according to Japan’s Global Times.

His remarks come after the U.S. threatened to hold China accountable over the recent island building in the region. Japan has stated that it has “serious concerns” over the matter.

Abe went on to warn that China would face a “tsunami” if it continued to build up the disputed island chain.

China is increasing its military presence in the region and has been attempting to build up islands in the area.

Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping issued a joint communique stating that they will “strengthen consultation” on the South China Sea dispute.

“We have enormous respect for President Xi’s unwavering commitment to peace and stability in the region and to safeguarding China’s sovereignty and territorial integrity,” the statement read.

“Both sides will continue to make efforts to maintain the current status quo and oppose any unilateral actions that could change the status quo and complicate or escalate the dispute.”

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