Could Elton John wear Ed Sheeran’s sweater?

Written by Staff Writer at CNN London, Diana Moukalled

They’re good friends.

Last week, the music world was shocked when both Ed Sheeran and Elton John were seen with the same scarf around their necks in Ireland. The stylist for John confirmed the pair’s friendship, telling Billboard, “For years it’s been clear that Ed is great friends with Elton, and now the public have caught on to it — he’s been wearing a scarf, not a hat, since they first met.”

John has worn the same sweater since mid-March. The sweater was initially tied around his neck, before it later ended up hanging around his shoulders.

The good friend hypothesis has stuck with John fans on social media, with people speculating about whether the Coldplay frontman got in the crooner’s good books with his camo jacket.

(John and Sheeran both wore camouflage jackets to perform last year at the Glastonbury Festival. John was also snapped wearing a soccer scarf.)

However, a recent Instagram photo showing John wearing a white sweater has people claiming the singer’s sweater was inspired by Sheeran’s.

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