Jimmy Kimmel’s hair goes up in flames during news segment

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Jimmy Kimmel told Jimmy Kimmel Live he knew he’d regret a hair burning Thanksgiving

American talk show host Jimmy Kimmel’s hair went up in flames on the set of his show.

Viewers were shown footage of the presenter with his hair doused in chemicals before a camera jumped to him afterwards.

“Don’t worry, I have lots of hair,” the host told viewers before the flames started.

“So, it seems to me that the reason we did this is because you’ll never look at your hair this way again.”

Several of the audience members saw the incident, but the host told listeners he was taken to hospital.

During an episode of his late-night show in 2014, he had his beard set on fire during a skit after his dad asked if he could try shaving it off.

He apologised during the same episode, calling his actions “selfish, bad behaviour”.

Jimmy Kimmel previously apologised after a segment of his talk show was screened at a comedy festival that went “too far”.

The comedian has previously been criticised over his jokes about the Parkland school shooting in Florida.

More recently, the 61-year-old was put on trial for allegedly falsely accusing a South African woman of filming his bedroom.

The trial ended in April with Mr Kimmel sentenced to four years probation.

He has since broken a promise not to have an affair with a former employee.

“I got a bigger penis than this lady,” he said of the woman, 50-year-old Danica Dillon.

“[She’s] back to going out with a bald guy,” he said later, referring to his wife Molly McNearney.

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