‘I’ve never been held at knifepoint in Brooklyn’ — Bradley Cooper on mysterious passageway trip

Actor Bradley Cooper joked about an unpleasant subway ride from New York City to Brooklyn when he stopped by to attend Spike TV’s Guys Choice Sports Awards on Saturday.

“I’ve never been held at knifepoint in Brooklyn,” Cooper said during the annual award show at the Sony Theater in Los Angeles.

But Cooper’s tale was a tad tamer than the real-life account of fellow American Sniper star Sienna Miller that she recently provided to a British newspaper. According to a report published by The Times of London, Miller and her then-boyfriend, Jude Law, were “huddled” in a subway car after hours when an older man pointed a gun at them and demanded to know who had slept with his wife. Miller alleged that she handed over her mobile phone and a wallet, with a credit card still inside, and Law gave the man a mysterious envelope that contained cash to buy whatever the man wanted.

And to think, no one at the time recognized the couple as the stars of a Chris Kyle movie.

On Saturday night, an apparently slightly less adventurous Cooper offered only a promise that he and his longtime girlfriend, singer-songwriter Saiorse Ronan, “are going to hold a secret on the subway.”

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