5 Things you need to know happening in the world of work

It’s been a short week in political news. But there were a few signs of change, either noticeable or not.

Something we’ve all seen or something special I hadn’t:

Read my little story in The Atlantic about the anti-abortion moves of Republican governor of Missouri, Eric Greitens. I’m not much for politics news, though I’ve heard this one will be a big thing.

Did you hear we have two black coaches in charge in the NFL? Josh McDaniels and Sean McVay are head coaches of the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams, respectively.

The problem we are facing as a nation isn’t race. It’s a lack of opportunity for anyone who doesn’t get A’s in school. … New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is trying to achieve that by legalizing recreational marijuana use. After a bill session dominated by the cost of higher education and his pension reform proposal, Murphy is trying to change the conversation. What’s his plan? He’s gambling on the internet age and legalizing cannabis, both ways of creating new opportunities.

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