How Michelle Knight kept a secret from her mother for years

On Wednesday, the former friend of Epstein’s first accuser took the stand and answered hard questions. Maxwell said she was aware of the violence and abusive behavior of Epstein, but that she never tried to intervene.

“I didn’t feel that I should be doing anything about it,” Maxwell said.

Despite this, she acknowledged that she invited some of the girls she traveled with to Epstein’s exclusive mansion in Florida and attended what she described as “extremely sexy” orgies there with the men. Some girls wore silky negligees. Others wore thongs. The guest list included whom Maxwell called “dark,” she testified.

Many in the courtroom chuckled when Maxwell said that in terms of sex offenders, Epstein was more famous than “Frankenstein.” She said she never had sex with the men but agreed to give them massages. The massage was supposed to be harmless, she explained.

Asked how she got around the prohibitions of the age-prohibitive rule, Maxwell said she sometimes attended massage therapy sessions, then returned to Epstein’s home.

She answered, “I find ways to do it,” including massages and other after-hours activities.

Maxwell’s testimony helped begin the prosecution’s case. The defense case will begin soon.

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