New Zealand politician rides from Parliament to hospital — all on her bike

A New Zealand politician had an unusual, and very swift, journey to the hospital — a bicycle trip through a mountainous wilderness. Naomi Robson, a member of parliament for the Green Party, reportedly was in labor Thursday. Though she was riding her bike, her office in Auckland couldn’t reach her for an ambulance. The British news website The Daily Mail reported that a nearby GP’s surgery, which is not close to Parliament, began giving calls to work to get to the chamber because it was about to empty. Although it takes about an hour to drive from the GP’s surgery to Parliament, Robson decided to take a quick ride through Ranui, Northland, to get to the hospital as quickly as possible. “She actually came out of contractions about an hour or an hour and a half ago,” Dr. Gary Rettig, Robson’s GP, told The Daily Mail. Dr. Rettig and his assistant, Dr. Sam Hummel, then made their way to the GP’s surgery, where the issue was quickly diagnosed. Dr. Rettig then stitched Robson’s cervix, along with the baby, in about ten minutes. He said the delivery was done “very, very quickly.” “Very, very quickly,” he added. The baby boy, Felix, was born just behind his mom, and has now arrived in the hospital.

#nz @naomirobson delivers baby Felix a very quick delivery @anupopprep’s office to her #Parliament in under 10 mins. #NZHD #NTV #niwhata video @premierning — Kaitlyn Harvey (@KaitlynHarvey) March 29, 2020

Robert Butler, the police officer who took Robson’s bike for her ride, told reporters, “I rode through the little flames on the bike trail to bring her up and she ended up riding behind me where she could catch the little cycle path out there to get to the hospital. It was just such a privilege to see something like that.” Fellow Green Party MP Julie Anne Genter added, “I think the unexpected was Naomi doing the delivery. I think this shows how prepared and how sensible the Greens are and how we deal with issues the next day.”

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