Twitter loves Morgan Freeman in ‘Tintin in the Congo’

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

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Love stories — such as heartbreaking, joyful and comical — can be unearthed on microblogs like Twitter. A visitor to Twitter, say a 14-year-old Swedish girl called @djweetno, can learn that her love lives don’t stop at the two bridges in her country where love can be committed with the Christian sacrament.

In Tintin in the Congo, due to premiere in cinemas April 20, the main character discovers his love for his Congolese girlfriend Marie-Michel (Marlene van Wyk) through interactions on the streets of Kinshasa.

How to tell true stories through subcultures

Marie-Michel becomes inseparable from the character of Tintin (voiced by Morgan Freeman) as the two venture across Congo in search of adventure in the hope of finding a loving life. They fall in love while visiting one of the most famous sites in the country. This discovery, Marie-Michel believes, will be the happiest moment of her life.

Tintin in the Congo © Spike Jonze

But the strongest feelings for life and one another don’t come so easily to the teenager and her hero. “Your Husband Will Probably Leave You Now” #TintinAF laments.

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