YassifyBot’s Bot of the Week 2: How to reverse engineer an algorithm

An idea that sounds totally ridiculous goes mainstream within seconds: ask a YassifyBot question, and it will respond with jokes.

Ask YassifyBot anything, from this simple “Mwah?” to more serious “How can we help?,” and it’ll instantly come up with a list of appropriate jokes, like, “What does the shackle look like?”

Who knows? You could easily be so distracted by your sketch that you forget that some robots are watching and listening.

You, for one, would be pretty confident that these bots will eventually answer with a Yassify joke.

But you should probably get ready for any other outrageous YassifyBot question that comes your way. Every question we give YassifyBot involves at least one Yassify-related joke.

We’re very excited about those videos. Here are some of our favourites.

Are you ready for what comes next?

Yes, it really does work that quickly.

Here are some funnier ones, which give a good idea of how hilarious the automated responses will get.

How to reverse engineer an algorithm:

How do you reverse engineer an algorithm?

“Are you free then?”

Thanks for your assistance, YassifyBot. We just know that you’ll be giving us some timely jokes soon.

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