Sunny Leone and Brandon Myers to screen sci-fi thriller Mommy at TIFF

Martin Ritt and Wesley Snipes to present their new film at the Toronto International Film Festival, another of the world’s biggest film showcases

Sunny Leone and Brandon Myers, the Canadian “Matrix” stars, will screen their new film Mommy at the Toronto International Film Festival next month, along with director Martin Ritt and star Wesley Snipes.

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The Toronto screening will be among the first for Mommy, a sci-fi thriller starring Grace Zabriskie and Dustin Milligan (Teen Wolf) as the mad women of a small town who are convinced that people with schizophrenia have magical powers.

In a statement, Zabriskie said: “With the success of my last film Mommy we at Mandalay hoped to continue to tell the story of women who are incredible inside and out. Whether we are smart, selfless, evil, misunderstood or beautiful it’s hard not to fall in love with the duality of female friendship.”

Ritt, who directed 1969’s Bonnie and Clyde and 1990’s Hangover, said: “The producers and I are hoping to leave audiences with a message of hope about a woman being strong in life, fighting against any kind of cruelty. We’re also very excited to see this film played by a brilliant audience in Toronto.”

Although Mommy was still in production, according to the Toronto Sun, the film festival announced it on its website without specifying where it would screen. The festival runs from 8-18 September.

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