Seventy-five percent of remarriages don’t last more than three years

The holiday season is traditionally a time for family and get-togethers, but sometimes it can be even tougher if your partner has moved on.

According to our series of Your Husband Will Probably Leave You Now, more than one in four men admit they would continue to sleep with their exes if they could.

Celia Kouri thought the worst had happened when her husband of 10 years left.

“‘He left for 6 months and he came back again. It seemed like a pattern,” she said.

But after the seventh year, Kouri says she was finally getting by.

“You get to a point where you start to know what you want,” she said.

Another experiment by the Fox News team found the number of marriages lasting more than 20 years was rising, mainly due to intergenerational, interracial and unconventional unions.

One woman said she had a quickie wedding to her boyfriend.

“I didn’t even have my dress,” she explained. “I borrowed his.”

Another group of couples agreed to wait before being intimate with one another.

“I think it was right after Christmas and the break up, so that’s how we communicated our breakup, but we wanted to wait for a few days to have sex,” one couple explained.

What happened after the holiday break-up?

“He just stayed with me,” she said. “I ended up sleeping with him the next day.”

The divorce rates have also dropped due to the rising number of people marrying later in life. The U.S. Census Bureau projects that will grow from 17 percent to 20 percent by 2045.

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