Gutfeld Rips ‘Sister Sarah Della’: NYC Firefighter Honored to Be a ‘Tiny Bit’ of Her

Greg Gutfeld tonight ranted about how his late aunt was the first female firefighter to share her story and how she saved countless lives:

“Sister Sarah Della (b. December 15, 1937) became one of the first female firefighters in NY by joining FDNY in June 1972, on the same day that the U.S. Supreme Court allowed the first woman to become a fireman in 1977,” Gutfeld said.

The FOX News contributor pointed out that time is rushing past with every second, as they say, counting.

“Soon enough, we’ll all be gone and left behind to recount tales of our late selves,” Gutfeld said. “You can’t quit, Sister Sarah Della.”

He said that she went to work on 9/11, and stayed until the fire died down, despite being on duty on the day that her own home was attacked.

“A widow and mother to a daughter, Sister Sarah joined the FDNY three months after 9/11. After watching her own home burned to the ground, she became part of the rebuild,” Gutfeld said.

He added that she was of Italian descent and spoke Italian fluently and was a “lovely, New York, summer friend.”

Watch more above, and see Tomi Lahren highlight Lady Gaga giving out backpacks filled with school supplies.

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