‘Go Get Some Sausages!’ Jess Seinfeld Says Vegan Month Is A Great Time to Give Up Sausages

Jessa Seinfeld has a message for those who want to join in this summer’s “Veganuary.”

“If you want to go vegan for January, do it. That’s fine!” Jess jokes during an interview with Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends.” “Go get some sausages. That would work.”

Jessa is the daughter of “Seinfeld” stars Jerry Seinfeld and Jessica Simpson, and used her dad’s new memoir “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” as a catalyst for an “Everlasting Essortment of Messy Styled Elegance”.

With help from Will Ferrell, Judy Greer, and Tina Fey, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” is one of the most popular podcasts, providing ad-free access to an eclectic mix of celebrities driving around in vintage automobiles.

HBO presented a live stage production of Jerry Seinfeld’s show and Jess Seinfeld appeared in “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”. But it’s their roles on her father’s Netflix show “Comedians in Cars Getting Freaks & Geeks” that she credits with helping her transition to stand-up comedy.

“Growing up in it made me go, ‘Okay, Dad. When you’re acting like a ninny, or even just trying to be a fake, I can do that,’” Jess said. “I can play at being smart.”

In addition to stand-up, Seinfeld has made cameo appearances on the television series “New Girl” and “The Knick” in addition to hosting a web series called “The Best Unknown TV Show Ever,” focusing on hidden cameras and the unexpected. Jess says her father encouraged her to do whatever she wanted to do.

“I guess he’s taught me everything in life,” Jess said. “He said, ‘Stop hating on yourself and just do what you want.’ I think that’s helped me evolve into who I am today.”

On July 7, National Dairy Month, Jess encourages you to go vegan, no pressure!

“It really affects the world and it affects the planet in a fun way, and if you do it in moderation, and really, just do it once in a while, it’ll be really great for you,” Jess said.

Watch more from Jessica Seinfeld on the FOX & Friends segment above.

– Julie Davis contributed to this report.

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