Design: The New York Yacht Club’s Future Suites


The 2015 launch of a new class of superyacht can make for a very exciting shipyard run. While buying the actual yacht is undeniably the most thrilling moment for any owner, there is an intoxicating and oddly intimidating thrill to ordering your very own floating palace at sea.

The Kawasaki Yacht Alliance, which designed the yacht above, has designed a number of superyachts for the likes of Taylor Swift, Joan Rivers, Maria Sharapova and the newest name on the superyacht heap: Snapchat co-founder Bobby Murphy.

The new design, due for delivery in 2020, features a hydraulic lift for increasing the yacht’s capacity and improved ergonomics which, says Kawasaki, allows the owner to become “fully immersed in the social life” on board. It also allows for 3D entertainment and personalised trimming for the owner. The yacht will have both air-conditioning and an underwater lift to transfer cargo or entertain guests.

The cost of the superyacht, which comes in at 110 meters, will be “very significant”, says Kawasaki Yacht Alliance. An additional cost to the owners, therefore, will be that the yacht must be built with the most advanced components available in shipbuilding.

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