Christina Applegate wishes America will “stop” mistreating people with disabilities

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Christina Applegate has battled multiple sclerosis (MS) for over 20 years

Christina Applegate says her condition will not stop her fighting for equality and an end to the mistreatment of people with disabilities.

The 47-year-old actress is celebrating her 50th birthday after revealing she had MS in June 2018.

Applegate tweeted: “We must care for the most vulnerable people on the planet and work together to let the world know that we will not take it anymore. “

Her message comes after the Supreme Court ruled Americans have a constitutional right to wear a body-conforming seat belt.

Our country is stronger when it stands up for justice and equality and we must do better and together we can make real the promise that is ‘I can.’ 🇺🇸👊🏻❤️ #IWontTakeItAnyMore — Christina Applegate (@1capplegate) May 29, 2019

“I am grateful to @mcloughlin for her enormous and compassionate gift of pro-equality and inclusion. I am also grateful to @USCCNH for their 15 years of celebrating this amazing right for ALL Americans,” Applegate tweeted.

In her own statement, the Hollywood star – known for her role in the Anchorman films – said: “The laws are there for all people, and our constitution ensures our children that there is no reason to be fearful of your fellow citizens simply because of your physical condition. As my 20-year-old self said in Anchorman, ‘show ’em my seat belt’.

“I don’t take it anymore. I am constantly on the attack on behalf of those with low self-esteem and diagnosed with pain.

“I am always there to talk about the little one’s fault in doing it. I love my movement. It really can change the world. It’s amazing.”

MS, or multiple sclerosis, is a lifelong disease affecting the brain and spinal cord.

Applegate announced her diagnosis with the condition after a fan on Twitter mentioned it after a campaign calling for the actress to address the gender pay gap.

She is pictured on the set of Married with Children wearing a knee brace that will be required in her new film The Other Woman 2.

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption This is the knee brace Applegate will wear while filming the sequel to The Other Woman

“Seriously? I fought for equal pay years ago & got paid accordingly,” Applegate tweeted.

“I am lucky & PROUD to have a role where I don’t feel like I’m the smallest cog in the wheel but instead can be the best woman in the world.”

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