Water ball to symbolise Macron’s climate change plan

Image copyright Ibex Design Group Image caption The French pavilion was designed by Ibex Design Group

A giant water ball shaped like a moth will make its way through the Normandy port of Rouen to help the local people withstand strong winds.

The “environmental ball” has been made to generate its own energy.

One hundred metres in diameter, it is designed to balance against the port’s treetops to resemble the moth’s wings.

Each time the ball is thrown, a small controlled electricity is generated which the local clean water company BP uses to generate energy for a water purification plant.

For the 4,300 people who work in the port, the ball will mean a wider variety of work patterns in the area – and also a shorter commute for those who work there.

Image copyright BP Image caption The water produced by the ball can then be recycled to help power the centre

From a seafront en-route, the ball will be separated into ballast water and seawater that can then be used to power a power plant the company is installing.

The ball is scheduled to travel around Rouen next week, travelling along the Auvergne river during its journey.

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