The Pure Michigan Tourism Board’s Huddle

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What’s new at Deep Wood? FOX’s David Lee Miller has ‘Big in Michigan’:

Meet the folks that fill the hay bales and factories of Pure Michigan.

More than 68 million people live in the Great Lakes state. They expect more than 59 million visits to the site in 2017, more than 32 million last year, and nearly 90 million tourists through 2020.

But it isn’t just sightseeing and shopping that they want to offer, and the Pure Michigan tourism board is turning to tech and data to connect them. The latest in a series of “co-creation” events like the Las Vegas Connex. Here, experts are bringing creative people together to work on, say, what a new type of travel site would look like, how to market an e-book or app, or what you might see if you drove on Michigan’s brand-new interstate connecting Grand Rapids and Detroit.

The Huddle, co-created by Michael Fairbairn and Jim Rich, is where that comes together.

To learn more about tourism in Michigan, and about organizing a get together in your community for a co-creation event, check out the Pure Michigan site.

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