Marjorie Taylor Greene: Ilhan Omar Accuses Me of Terrorist Ties

Ilhan Omar’s criminal involvement in Jamaat-al-Islami, where she was a member for 15 years, is nothing new…

We even know that her brother and father, also Jamaat-al-Islami members, helped her learn how to hijack cars under the leadership of her brother, Kamaladin Omar. Omar put his brother through the party for training and later instructed him to hijack a car and run over pedestrians.

It has been a long time since Omar has ever distanced herself from her radical past and whether she still continues to host jihadist gatherings with her brothers is unknown.

Omar has continually defended her militant connections by saying she was only acting as a madrasa teacher, which is simply a polite way of saying that she was a member of a terrorist organization and used her position to recruit young people to the cause. She even claimed that the people who conspired to hijack planes on 9/11 might have been members of the radical group, despite the fact that the group has been banned since 2003.

Omar falsely accused me of “inciting” a conflict between Jews and Arabs. She accused me of lying about the Brotherhood’s views on Israel and falsely accused me of being a Brotherhood member.

It goes without saying that terrorists shouldn’t ever have access to public office, and it is clear that her ties to terrorist groups, including Al Qaeda, were extensive.

Omar’s criminal involvement in Jamaat-al-Islami, where she was a member for 15 years, is nothing new. The group is listed as a terrorist organization by the State Department and has connections to the Gaza strip and Hamas.

And now Omar is using her criminal past to attack me. In a ‘sick’ attempt to smear me and my conservative beliefs, Omar is basing her accusation on what I have said about the Brotherhood and Islam.

On the day of Omar’s high-profile announcement that she is running for Congress against Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), Omar released a tweet, that called me a “fascistic” Islamophobe.

Omar has now attacked my Islamophobia. Had she ever made a connection with our families or our positions, she would have seen that there is absolutely no personal connection, no sign of the other party, which I find sick.

Omar has been caught red-handed in her extreme political views, that have nothing to do with Minnesota’s Muslim community. She was actually running for the Somali community’s seat as attorney general and was rejected for the office.

The fact is, there is no relation between me and Omar and that includes for any connection of our family backgrounds. The political “clash” between us is nothing more than made up conspiracy theories and incorrect characterizations. Omar has also engaged in false name-calling as a political strategy, allowing her to muddy the waters. Omar simply made a total of seven false statements about me and is only angry because I would not accept her endorsement of her bid for Congress.

Omar has made it clear that she is running a campaign on falsehoods. She denied she is anti-Semitic and called me a fascist by mischaracterizing my position with some of her supporters and false allegations.

To be clear, I am not anti-Semitic. However, I do believe that Israel is a terrorist nation and does not fully respect the rights of Palestinian citizens. Moreover, I believe that the political rhetoric coming from many Israel supporters, particularly the extreme left, has inspired violence against Jews.

In my statement regarding Omar’s announced congressional run, I strongly reaffirmed my strong support for Israel and American Jews.

I have written a response that reads, “I congratulate Ilhan Omar on her successful bid for office and applaud her for embracing her roots in Minnesota. However, her statements in the press throughout her political career have been, and are, inconsistent with mainstream values of the state’s Jewish community. Their bigotry is nothing but fear-mongering and unsupportable in today’s America.”

The media has shown remarkable coverage about this controversy and has showed how false Omar’s statements are. I have great respect for the work of the media. But in the rush to cover every headline, they may continue to fail to address the facts.

This shows that the American people should use their own judgment and not let the media get away with painting Omar as some extremist cause to which she was never associated. She has proven that she is someone who has opposed the First Amendment to freedom of speech and refused to release her full background.

The hypocrisy of her political rhetoric is striking and I hope the media will look closer to home and not just accept some of her accusations.

Marjorie Taylor Greene

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