Here’s what it’s like to live in these pairs of shoes

Written by R & Co

People who look great in heels and skinny pants are forever going to be evoking envy in women who are often only moderately attractive. That’s why we devised this guide to go swimming in heels and skinny pants. You’ll look pretty good no matter what people think. But I guess it’s less important to try and impress and more important to prove you can.

I love to go swimming in my gym shoes.

I’m a 30-year-old female, and I love to go swimming in my gym shoes. I can go out into the playground, the grocery store, the supermarket, the mall, in a redfish, in mini pogs, in a large ball of yarn. I can go swimming in my flats.

Except for two months when I went skinny-dipping in Germany. I was thrilled to be skinny at the time and back then I had a very expensive sauna machine. I cried a lot after I got home, and then a lot before I went out. But I really did not want to see other people swim. That’s not what I was like back then. And so I worried.

I’ll never go skinny-dipping in my gym shoes. Can’t go skinny-dipping if you’re wearing sweaty trainers. My gym shoes still work OK. Even in Antarctica! With pants and a fleece I’ll be fine. I like it too much to wear them to the gym.

— R ‘N’ Co founder Jennifer Hudson

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