Opioid crisis: How can Ottawa combat the crisis?

Image copyright AFP/Getty Images Image caption Lawyers from Toronto’s criminal justice system are using local protocols to fight the opioid epidemic in the city

“We said nothing about the number of people who died, how many of them are directly related to the opioids. We don’t need to know that.”

In the 1970s and 80s, some of Canada’s biggest cities were teeming with drug addicts and sex workers. But Mayor Jim Watson is challenging them to be the first to tackle the opioid crisis.

He believes his city – home to the capital, Ottawa – has a chance to become a leader.

Image copyright AFP/Getty Images Image caption Councillor David Chernushenko (left) says the city needs to provide more support to vulnerable populations

We want to know your thoughts. Here are five things you’d like to see Ottawa do next

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