Virgil Abloh gifts Off-White shoppers a cathedral

Virgil Abloh’s manifesto is simple — covet your own joy.

Well, if you love sculpture, abloh has you covered.

The Off-White designer — and artist — decided to build an altar at his New York City boutique to help fans gear up for the release of his third fragrance, Dawn of Love.

While Abloh doesn’t stop the celebration until his scent is out there, people have been busy constructing this sacred space in the Topshop store, where some have placed props from his work, a giant cupcake from Adidas and even portraits of the designer.

The rendition he created was inspired by a giant angel statue, Abloh told CNN Style.

The curator of the concept was Vancouver-based artist Daniel Basey, who created the original work at Abloh’s provocation at the 2015 Seoul Biennale.

“His art is a bold juxtaposition of orthodox spaces and natural spaces, and I think that is part of the gift of his work,” Abloh said.

It’s nothing new for the brand: Creative Space

Abloh isn’t the first to do so.

London-based creative space Reasons Gallery took turns building a “tapestry of life” to celebrate the release of Diesel London in 2011.

While Diesel’s place in fashion history is well established, Abloh’s focus on bringing fashion’s most challenging elements to the masses is still being built.

He initially rose to prominence for his inventive fits on models like Rihanna, using unconventional materials and layered looks to help create new trends in the male fashion crowd.

Today, Off-White — which first launched in 2012 — has grown to more than four stores globally, with offices in New York, London, Paris and Tokyo.

In 2015, the brand was part of the Fashion Weeks with a runway show in New York City.

Abloh is the creative director of his first venture, Virgil Abloh Clothing, which recently opened its own location in SoHo.

And even though he made history in fashion by headlining New York Fashion Week, it’s the plastic bottles, beer bottles and donated coolers that are all he’s ever cared about.

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