Native American chefs break through in restaurant world

Written by By Staff Writer

Written by Staff Writer Ariel Schweber-Koren, CNN

It is becoming increasingly common for young Native American and Alaska Native chefs to make their mark in the American dining scene.

Their creative voice may come from a long tradition of cooking. But their approach is often more sustainable and on-point, with the indigenous chefs raising the bar for the profession.

“People have a misconception about Native American people, especially when it comes to cuisine,” said Wes Christofersky , an independent chef with ties to the Native American culinary industry in the Boston area.

“My hope is to help people to grow beyond that image.”

Christofersky, whose career kicked off as a writer for Harvard Pilgrim Health Care, used to work in a corporate America kitchen, but now counts at least a half-dozen Native American chefs among his closest friends.

And there are plenty more headed for the stage. Native American cuisine is becoming more understood, the kids are coming up through the ranks. CNN asked around about who’s stirring things up, and what they are doing to turn things around.

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