Morning Read: How is the Visa Ban Scheme Going to Go Down?

A presidential adviser said Wednesday that Hillary Clinton has no comment about her former rival’s sudden proposal to ban travelers from parts of six Muslim-majority countries. “I don’t know how it’s going to play,” said Hope Hicks, the former Clinton aide who joined President Trump’s campaign. “They have both been very supportive of each other,” she said.

Former Vice President Joe Biden is betting that the travel ban proposal is enough to stand out in the next batch of debate among 2020 Democratic candidates. Mr. Biden is known for his mastery of policy, but he has expressed reservations about engaging in a fast-moving presidential race. His team is said to be drafting legislation to ban travel from those countries that are on the presidential travel ban list, which may improve his chances.

But, to be clear, that still isn’t all that much information about Mr. Biden’s plan.

A Biden aide said Wednesday that no senator or member of Congress was aware of the proposal, and they have been reluctant to make public comment about it.

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