Lululemon sues bike-sharing company Peloton

Written by By Sarah Clark, CNN

Canadian athletic brand Lululemon has sued bike-sharing company Peloton over a product it calls a “copycat” workout apparel.

The fitness clothing company accused Peloton of selling fitness clothing that copies “seamless and stylish Lululemon silhouettes,” and has requested a jury trial to determine damages and liability.

“We are deeply committed to creating an innovative, differentiated in-store and online offering that always stands apart from the competition,” a spokesperson for Lululemon said in a statement to CNN. “Our brand is built on uncompromising design and flexibility, which is why we are confident in our case that this lawsuit is supported by valid, substantial evidence. The fact that Lululemon has been a respected, successful and admired brand for over 20 years is not an accident. We continue to take the integrity of our brand very seriously, and intend to seek an appropriate remedy in this matter.”

What is Peloton?

Peloton operates in 120 cities across North America and Europe and offers monthly subscriptions to fitness classes that follow live cycling routes. For a monthly price of $99, members of the company can access a library of hundreds of in-demand classes led by professional instructors.

The items being sued were allegedly among the first volley in the “Lululemon designed with Peloton” portfolio. They were sent out as limited edition for spring 2018 and were available for order from the company’s website.

Lululemon’s lawsuit noted that its trademarked XL and 4X trouser styles were common in the athletic world and “often worn by women on their best athletic strides.”

The makers of workout apparel claim Peloton’s “Lululemon lifestyle” is being pirated, but a spokesperson for Peloton told CNN that the collaboration was “meaningful to us. We believe our Lululemon branded subscription clothing will resonate with our passionate fans.”

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