How turkey can make some foods sweeter

You might think of turkey as a traditional and comforting Thanksgiving dinner, but the bird can also help make other dishes taste just as tasty.

There are simple steps that any cook can take to create different flavored dishes, such as adding caramelized onions or red pepper flakes to your stuffing. So how can turkey aid in new dishes?

WFMZ-TV tells us that scientists discovered that turkeys contain molecules responsible for making their meat taste sweeter. The molecules are generally present in all meat but they are often broken down when the meat is cooked and then added back in to make your dish more flavorful.

And now, thanks to the success of these experimental recipes, scientists are testing different recipes using turkey and believing that it does help make dishes sweeter.

All cooks will need to do is cook turkey first and then wait five minutes so that some of the secret ingredients will have recovered. Scientists are able to do this because it takes about five to 10 minutes for the aromas of a pan of food to disperse, WFMZ-TV said.

After cooking the turkey for five minutes, add the secret ingredients to the recipe.

“You have to let the chicken breast cook for about five minutes, and then once it’s done, you just let it rest for five minutes,” said Asma Javaidi, a postdoctoral fellow at Drexel University in Philadelphia. “After five minutes, you just skim it off the bone, brush it with oil, put some water on top of it, and then it rest for 10 minutes before you can use it.”

Just like the discovery about sugar molecules used by turkey to make its meat taste sweeter, the same is true for both turkey and wine when it is cooked. The secret is in the seasoning of the meat.

The secret is in the seasoning of the meat.

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