America’s favorite pet names are … dogs and cats, and (sort of) dogs

It’s another surprise year for an annual list of the most popular pet names.

Combining data from Google Trends and the U.S. Pet Products Association, Pet Hospital magazine lists the top 20 baby names in the United States for 2019 and, in tandem, the most popular names for pets.

The name “Phoebe” appears only three times in the United States, but there are definitely a number of Phoebes in high place, in the family pet department.

Tracy Berkowitz, marketing director at the Pet Hospital association, says “Phoebe” has a good chance of making it to No. 1 next year.

The pet name is the seventh most popular name for dogs and is the third most popular name for cats.

Other well-known pet names that appear in the top 20 include Fritz, Charlie, Gus, Isaac, Snoopy, Nala, Max, Maximus, Peppermint Patty, Ladybug, Penny, Evie, Daisy, Sheila, Liam, Jake, Penny, Katie, Poppy, Jimmy, Sam, Rudy, Ray and Tessa.

According to Pet Hospital, while Karras has jumped into the top 10 names for humans, it remains on the list of most popular pet names. Charlie, though, remains No. 1.

Check out the list below.

Here’s a link to the full Pet Hospital list.

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